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Full Version: Possibly A Glitch?(in Voltaic)
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One of my friends has the exile dvd for his mac laptop. He is having a problem in the house-like structure that you see in the beginning. I myself have completed the game(loved it) so I thought I could help him. Both of us have lined up the circuits into three straight rows, but nothing is happening! I did it on my computer, why won't it work on his?
Ken Telinome
Well, the trick is,
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Hope this helps!
I tried several combinations - round and round I went, frustrated as all get out, until it finally clicked. headbang.gif Then life was beautiful! innocent.gif

If you've completed this task, you know what your friend is looking for:
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If I were you (or your friend,) I would follow Ken's advice and start at number five - Ken's never steered me wrong! worship.gif

Game on!! thumbsup.gif
ok I'l try window 5, I've only been using 1
I used another approach. Pick a window, set them to all line up. Then move to the next, and set them all to line up...then onto the next window...repeat until complete.
It said in a walkthrough that you only needed to line up the circuits at one window.
QUOTE (Joseph @ May 16 2005, 06:32 AM)
It said in a walkthrough that you only needed to line up the circuits at one window.

Which is true . . . However, as Ken said,
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Ah, the dangers of holding a hypothesis too dear to your heart!!

Edit: Added spoiler tags
Nyrphame Danilaise
Yes, terfy, be very careful not to squeeze the life of that cute little hypothesis!!!! It is easy to do, especially for the fragile ones!

bleh.gif hug_squeeze.gif

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