In 1998, Josef and Simon Riedl broke new ground in D'ni studies with their Guild of Linguists website, an innovative and unprecedented resource for those with an interest in D'ni culture. Most significantly, the site offered a series of lessons that instructed readers on the fundaments of the D'ni language.

Since '98, our understanding of the language has grown and changed significantly, and the GoL lessons no longer reflect what we currently know. A new set of lessons, a new textbook for the student of D'ni, has been needed for a long time. After a year's worth of research, composition, and review, and with the blessing of the Riedl brothers, such a textbook has now been completed.

The D'ni Linguistic Fellowship is proud to offer... Rehchoortahn D'nee.

This is a work still very much in progress; it will hopefully expand in the coming months and years to continue to reflect the most current thinking about D'ni. While Rehchoortahn D'nee cannot truly claim to be authoritative, it endeavors to offer the best information we have in as clear a way as possible. Any and all suggestions are welcome, either on the DLF forums or by email to Domahreh.

A special thanks to Jerle, J'ohn, K'laamas, Yohshee, Deius, BrettM, Gadren, Dougy, and all the members of the DLF -- without your help, support, and inspiration, this project would never have come to bear fruit!