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Full Version: Post Based Word Game
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Here is a game to start we each find a post on the Gog and select a word
then come back here post the Post number and then the line number from the top
then the number of the word in from the left and the next person post the word answer.

So it will look like this.

so if you go to that thread and to post 8 line 9 and 2 words in from the left it will be welcome
Try and make up a sentence as we go.
Please stick to public threads.
All understand the rules?

OK here we go.


If anyone has any other suggestions please post thanks.
OK, Cats, few points to make.

1. If you would count lines, than, an empty line counts as a line, unless you specify that only written lines count.

2. Depenidng on your monitor resolution, the size of the open Browser's window and the size of the text you use in your browser, the line count will never match. So there should be some other criteria by which to find the words. Also, do you count articles like "a" as a word?

Oh, the answer to that puzzle is "hi" smile.gif That was easy and there is no way you can make a mistake smile.gif
Ahhhh i see your point in the diff browsers and settings and resolutions people use.
it would never work oh well stupid game i guess thanks for playing clapping.gif
It was just an idea please disregard this game.

Move along nothing to see here. lmao.gif roll.gif
Cats, I never said it was stupid down.gif Just find the different criteria for the search. Like first sentence, second sentence or alike, that will work. hug.gif Of course, "Hi." will be a sentence. smile.gif First paragraph, second paragraph (also the latter might be difficult to discern, as sometimes there is no visible line space between the paragraphs, or the lines broken artificially, like you do some times.
I said it was stupid.
Ayli wub.gif
just a thought here, cuz this does sound like a fun game:

instead of requiring the line number, why not do:

post # (which remains constant)
paragraph # (which remains constant)
beginning or ending word in paragraph, or # of word into the paragraph (which remains constant)

so, for this thread,

2 (ayli's second post)
3 (third paragraph in ayli's post)
11(eleventh word into the third paragraph)

would be


would this work? smile.gif

Beh, the paragraphs, sometimes, are hard to distinguish. Some, just make hard return and no space between paragraphs, which, again, depending on your browser size and resolution you are running, makes it that difficult to figure out.

And BTW, I counted the number "2." as the word, which made my guess different. Was it wrong? If yes, then there should be some exceptions to the rules shock.gif Do you count bullets as the word?
paragraphs are only ever considered as those which have blank spaces between them
for example, even though i hit a hard return here
this is still part of the first paragraph.

however, now i am into the second one.
and i am still
second paragraph.

now i am in the third... LOL... fun huh?

as far as words go, numbers and bullets are not words - they are numbers and bullets.
any indicator of a series of points is just that,
whether it be

if it is too complicated, it doesn't even have to be a game, but i thought it would be fun.

basic rules. why not, eh?
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