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hello all!

i thought this might be a fun activity to while away our time whilst at work whistling.gif , or on our online game downtimes...

i purchased a book one time that included simply groupings of nouns, and there were no explantations, just the groupings; some examples were:

a murder of crows
an exaltation of larks
a parliament of owls

i always thought these groupings were very fun and interesting.

let's come up with our own, hopefully with items/critters/cultures from Myst, Riven, Exile, Uru, Revelation and any other games that might be related...

the pattern is this:

(a) or (an) + (descriptor) + (of) + (object noun)
so, four words only, please.


for example, my first one:

a crowding of cones

and used in a sentence:
"Why, I could barely get around the dock area due to that large crowding of cones!"

so, how about it? anyone have some great "groupings" for us? i bet some of these will be hilarious!

roll.gif in anticipation...

if you want, you could even use it in your own sentence, but not necessary.
Ken Telinome
a ruckus of Rexifers biggrin.gif

"Would someone please calm down that ruckus of Rexifers, they're making too much noise!!"
William H. Maier
A halo of fireflies innocent.gif

A halo of fireflies illuminated my path through the deep darkness of the tunnel cool.gif
a phalanx of phlogistonators

Tink watched a phalanx of phlogistonators send the Old One up in a cloud of toxic green gas.
what a GREAT word, phlogiston.

i had to google it to remind me, but for those of you just as cornfuzzled as i was when i first read tink's appropos offering,

Click here to view a spoiler.

these are all great!

a ruckus of rexifers
a halo of fireflies
a phalanx of phlogistonators

keep em coming!

William H. Maier
A voluminous gaggle of geese (sorry its five words down.gif )

A voluminous gaggle of geese invaded the ferry slip making the trip to K'veer nearly impossible. shock.gif
Nyrphame Danilaise
A chowder of Shroomies.

A large chowder of Shroomies was spotted off the Teledahn coast. This particular chowder was notable for the number of young Shroomlings within the main chowder itself.

(ok, I created the additional category of the name for a baby of the the thing, hope you don't mine, beh! smile.gif )

Nyrphame Danilaise
didn't anyone like my chowder of shroomies... down.gif

Ok 2 more:

1. A cuddle of squees - I didn't just catch one squee in my trap this time - I put down more food and caught a whole cuddle of them at once.

2. A whack of wharks - one whark is bad enough; I really wouldn't want to run into a whack of them.



William H. Maier
Yes I did, just check out silly question shock.gif

i LOVE these...

i may be wrong, but i think "gaggle of geese" may be the correct term.. WOOHOO!

chowder of shroomies is very good! LOVE IT...

cuddle of squees... very appropriate because when you cuddle, you "squees", don't you? smile.gif

(off topic: r'eeta and i have taken to calling lambs "squeezables" and sheep "huggables"... LOL)

and whack of wharks... this is exactly what i was looking for...

ok here's my "grouping du jour":

a mocking of mangrees

A mocking of mangrees sat tossing fruit at the hapless camodile.
Nyrphame Danilaise
a mocking of mangrees

Oooh, beh, I love it!!!!
clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif

Ken Telinome
Oh boy, what else can we add.....

A nest of Nerfs and a treehouse of Terfs biggrin.gif

I'll let someone else think of a sentence for those lmao.gif
a nest of nerfs... how cute ! smile.gif


a treehouse of terfs... i'm thinking terf would love designing his own treehouse of fun! smile.gif

ok here is another one...

a promenade of protectors

so, to date: (in no particular order)
a crowding of cones
a phalanx of phlogistonators
a ruckus of rexifers
a halo of fireflies
a gaggle of geese
a chowder of shroomies
a cuddle of squees
a mocking of mangrees
a whack of wharks
a nest of nerfs
a treehouse of terfs
a promenade of protectors

am i leaving any out right now?

Ken Telinome
Yes, a Delicacy of Derbehs icecream.gif!!! (actually, that's new, but oh well biggrin.gif!)
William H. Maier
Catacombs of Telinome

In the Catacombs of Telinome the linking books were neatly stacked. shock.gif
a tide of temple turtles
a crush of crawdads
a wrinkle of whistle bug footprints
conflagration of firemarbles

When you have a conflagration of firemarbles, you'd better have a big bucket of water...
William H. Maier
Billowing Beluga puffer plants.

The billowing beluga puffer plants spew in the garden.
the pattern is this:

(a) or (an) + (descriptor) + (of) + (object noun)

making the object noun plural is required as well... smile.gif

the format is above, so how about...

a "billowing beluga of puffer plants"... referring to the group of them.

The explorers were caught offguard by the billowing beluga of puffer plants.

I forgot all about this thread... LOL

what about...

a spreading of butterflies
a cramping of stairs
a cathedral of trees

Wow, Beh, this thread was dormant for exactly a year! shock.gif

Not to be offtopic.gif I'll try this:

a composition of firebugs smile.gif
LOL... i decided to give it an anniversary posting... wink3.gif

Mmm... I like this! Mind if I think up a few?

A besting of ink beetles

The noise created by the besting of ink beetles as they fled their cages was deafening.

Or... um....

A blundering of explorers!

The combined voices of the blundering of explorers alerted me to their approach.

Maybe with some thought I can create more!

that last one fits me to a T!

how about...

a constellation of fireflies

When I rounded the corner, i saw a constellation of fireflies fleeing the rain.
An illuminati of Res Engineers

An illuminati of Res Engineers were waiting in the green room for their turn at the beginners hood.
A little true story...

I remember up at a friend's cottage near Christmas, we were all warming ourselves by the fire reflecting brightly on the snow in a large cocoon of darkness with the stars piercing through in crisp brilliance, relating such groupings as these... My friend Roger was just finishing reciting, " exaltation of larks, a pride of lions, a... MEEAWRXZZXZZRNRNR.... we were drowned out by a slew of marauding snowmobilers roaring past!!! After they had audibly dwindled out of range, turning to look back at everyone's stunned faces around the campfire, Roger quietly uttered... "...a nuisance of skidoos...." That's it, everyone fell off their stumps, rocks, whatever, laughing wildly for probably half an hour...!!!

PS. the warm brew circultaing probably helped...
I'm not that good but I'll try
sorry if i mess up

a cozuckle of loraxes

a business of ferrets
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