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Full Version: Three Books....
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ok i know this has prob been asked many time, but ill ask agin anyway

i realy like the myst books, (as you can tell from my name!)

but i heard a while ago that there was going to be a fourth, is there any news on that? or have i missed it?

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Ken Telinome
Well, to be honest, no one really knows. Rumors of a fourth book (sometimes referred to as the Book of Marim) have been around a long time. It's sort of like the rumor of a Myst miniseries/movie. Right now, as far as I know, it's all just rumor.
Listen to this smile.gif
Ken Telinome
Well, that still doesn't tell us alot. The time may never come when that book is finished, but if it does, I'll be in line for it!
William H. Maier
I hope it does as my three in one is beginning to fall apart. Everytime I read it I learn something new. I will be right behind Ken. thumbsup.gif
Ken Telinome
If you've got the money, you can still find hardcover editions of the three books on or Ebay. Some are ridiculously pricey, but if you keep waiting, eventually a lesser priced one shows up. My BoA came slightly damaged, but other than that, my books are pretty resilient and are in very good condition. Won't fall apart any time soon. Of course, I'll have to buy the fourth the same way to make the set look all nice and pretty biggrin.gif.
The 4th book was titled The Book of Marrim is has been in the works almost 5 or 6 years give or take its not a rumor as photos of the book have been seen on GRID Rand has recently mentioned the book is being worked on again.

The Mini Series was being discussed but has now been cancelled (well it was cancelled ages ago)

So cool, Tweek, to see Gordo's old site resurrected!

D'ni MREDU archaealogy . . .
LOVE seein' it!

Attention NU2MREDU-ers . . .
this site was one of the first online Puzzle pages connected with Myst.

Waaaaaaay before Zandi's fabulous series of real world/online "scavenger hunt" puzzles.

Although all of it didn't pan out the way it was planned to pan out . . .
might wanna check it out.

Cruise through and see what you come up with.

EDIT: Tweek, does your avatar . . .
the D'ni guy . . .
remind you of Tool Time sidekick, Al . . .
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