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Full Version: Decripitive Books
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Ken Telinome
Wolfgang and I were discussing the science and art of linking and I realize that I have quite a few questions, some of which have to do specifically with the books and descriptive books in general.

First, does anyone know where the Book of Earth/D'ni is kept? I had a thought that it might have been kept in D'ni, but that seems impossible as the descriptive book would be in the age. I then thought it may have been in one of the closely guarded ages somewhere well protected. But Wolfgang and I also thought that maybe, just maybe, the Book was kept in Terahnee. We got this idea by thinking about how BoD describes the book of Terahnee. It seems from the description that the book in the sealed library may have been the descriptive book for Terahnee, so we theorized that maybe somewhere, in another deep, hidden, and sealed chamber, lay the D'ni/Earth descriptive book.

Next, in Myst, Atrus is trapped because his sons tore a page from his linking book. I am puzzled. Was that book the Myst descriptive book? How would he be able to "repair" the damage to the link without reseting it and traveling to another age on the Great Tree of Possibilities that was identical to Myst, but wasn't Myst? I say that it was a linking book then that the sons sabotaged. But then, where is the Myst descriptive book if this is the case? That seems like something much too precious to leave in the Cleft, and after leaving there, Atrus is virtually trapped in D'ni or Myst. Yet the Myst descriptive book is clearly not in any of the ages reached from Myst. Which could mean that Atrus' book was the descriptive book and that brings me to my original problem.

What are other people's thoughts on these subjects?
Ken I don't know if this will answer your question, but check out Linking Explained from our web's Library. Compiled by Trillian.
in d'ni history it describes the age of which the d'ni people cam from. i beleive this is the age that the descriptive book is held. the reason he couldn't link back is the same reason why we add pages to our relto books. we change the age we link to when we activate or diactivate a page is a new age.
Ken Telinome
I thought Gaternay was destroyed competely (which is why the Terahnee and D'ni left), so wouldn't the descriptive book be destroyed rendering all linking books to D'ni useless? This is why I don't think the book is on Gaternay, but then again, I don't know where it is kept.
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