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Full Version: New To Uru - Yeesha's Room
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Hello! bye2.gif

I am new to this website, but not new to Myst! I have played Myst 1, 2, and 3. And now I have started URU Complete Chronicles. I cannot get into Yeesha's room!! I have tried jumping into the window, clicking her door, jumping at her door. Nothing works!! headbang.gif Has anyone had this problem?? Is there something that I have to do before I can get in there?? I can't turn on the power, and I am assuming (since I tried everything else) that this is where I find that lever that Kandi is telling me about! HELP!!!!!!!!!! blush.gif
If you unlocked the windmill you need to take a trip top side.
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I don't know what to tell you about the room. linking.gif
It's Zandi smile.gif
Anyway your on the right track just use what Mahjongg90 said
Have you tried climbing broken Ladders on the walls to try and get to that room through another entrance?
You also have to touch all 7 Journey Cloths before you can open the Cleft Tree Door.
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