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Full Version: Relto Pages?
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I am confused and it is very difficult to ask questions within the game. I am way too concious of the other person tapping his/her foot while waiting for my miserable typing. sleep2.gif

Thanks for all the work you Greeters are doing. This website has been a great source of help.

I have read roumors about 2 Relto pages that are available now (sometimes). I know at least one of these pages exist since I saw the results in someone elses Relto. (It was a deck or dock off the side of Relto) We were unable to figure out how to copy the page to my Relto book in the limited time I had.

Are these pages available to the general public? Do we have to get them from others, or do we just keep hunting? huh.gif

BTW, I have ZERO interest in roleplaying. I bought this game for the exploring. I will be leaving civilization to go sailing in real life in March. At that time I will no longer have consistant access to the internet. I had hoped to determine whether I could subscribe to Uru Live and download segments as I get to port. At this point it looks like Ubi will not have its act together by March. unsure.gif

Welcome lesrees.

Yes, both pages are available to the general public. It is just very difficult to find them because they keep disappearing from the game. The island page can be found at some neighbourhoods, namely louis.cypher's, zandi's and evenios'. The dock page is a bit more difficult. The link to it is at the Ferry Terminal, but it is not there most of the times. You will have to find someone with the link in their Teledahn book, like preachr46 or jonh lynch, and asked them to take you there.

Hope this helps you out. smile.gif
Dehsee's Hood has the Relto page . . .
and Tink's got the dock page . . .
and has now finally . . .
with Preacher's help . . .
figured out how to share it.
Thank you for your replies.

I have searched 3 of the 4 suggested neighborhoods and come up blank. The last one (louis.cyphre's) had both doors to the room with the linking books shut. I couldn't open them.

Am I just looking in the wrong places or does the page in the neighborhoods come and go too?

I keep looking for the one by the dock, but no luck so far.

The relto page in the neighborhood, can be found .....

Click here to view a spoiler.

Click here to view a spoiler.

Hope you find it.
Heaps and heaps of thanks, Tijara!

What a pixel hunt! Even after your excellent spoiler I had to spot it from above and then get up on the rock THEN I spent several minutes getting my curser into just the right place.

I must say, it was worth it. Now I have all those little islands to play on and practice my jumping.

Now maybe I will be lucky enough to find someone who is willing to take me to the other one. I may need the deck to get to some of my islands.

Thanks again, also to Coelho Buda and DaDungeon! thumbsup.gif

OoOoooh! Where are you sailing to? That sounds like FUN! Tell us about it pleeeease? flowers.gif
If you happen to see me in game , I too have the dock and would be happy to share it with you ( or anyone else for that matter ) . My Teledahn book in my Relto is already unlocked and turned to the right page .
But what we're all wondering is... how did you get the ability to share the dock page? Is it something that anyone of us with the relto page can learn to do? Or do you absolutely have to have touched the linking stone?
QUOTE (knitcucumber @ Dec 20 2003, 07:54 PM)
But what we're all wondering is... how did you get the ability to share the dock page?  Is it something that anyone of us with the relto page can learn to do?  Or do you absolutely have to have touched the linking stone?

In order to share the dock page ... you must have the link to where the dock page is located in your Teledahn book ... and have your Teledahn book open to this page ... and have your Teledahn book unlocked.

I think I just made that sound harder than it really is. blink.gif
well you made it hard for me, tho that isn't to difficult.

I know you meant it to be easy but it ain't you know how confused I get Wolfie. confused1.gif blink.gif
Easiest way to explain it : you need to have found the Bahro stone someplace and touched it which then adds a link page to your Teledahn book . You can then share that page in your Teledahn book . The Relto page is then located at this place in Teledahn . arent sharing the Relto page itself , just the link to get to it .
True, just having the Dock page won't help others wanting it. You need the linking page in your Teledahn book.
Thank you Kurt for yur kind offer. I will take you up on it if I ever find you in the city.

I keep looking by the ferry terminal, I think I know where. So far no luck on finding the link that adds a link to my Teledahn book.

I got the instructions for sharing from the FAQ on this site. The Guild of Greeters does a great job. I am all ready to share if I can ever get the link for myself.

JoSmiley, our boat is just north of Brisbane. We are back in the UAS to fill up the cruising kitty. America is the land of opportunity, you know. When we go back we will be cruising the Great Barrier Reef, then on to Indonesia and SE Asia.


Thank you for your offer, I will look for you in the game. I do want the dock.

Question, is there anything out on the islands or am I dying over and over again just to practice my jumping?
Question, is there anything out on the islands or am I dying over and over again just to practice my jumping?

Well , aside from some good views adn great picture taking spots , yes you are mainly just practicing jumping . biggrin.gif But who knows , maybe in a future age we will get a page that puts something out there worth jumping to . Also , it never hurts to practice your jumping skills either , never know when you might need them . wink3.gif biggrin.gif

BTW , I can only share my dock link in the Atrus shard . While I have the dock in Katran , I used the link from someone else so I dont have the page in my Katran Teledahn book .
That is fine, I am in Artus too. How come you have both?

Asking because I have run out of things to do. Have 20 markers, wandered everywhere and other than the dock link and jumping practice, I guess that is about it for now.
I am in both shards because I am a Greeter . There really is no difference between the shards nor is there any advantage to being on one or the other . Both shards have the same content .

The Katran shard is a bit buggier at the moment , but they are working on getting that straightened out .
Ok, so where is this Bahro stone that we need to touch to get the link?
It is located in the city , but I think right now it is gone again . It has seemed to come and go for a while . I think right now though , with all the new explorers and the lag , they have been having some crash and burn problems with using it in the city . People were using it and their avvies freezing up while touching it , preventing others from getting to it or just merely crashing out of game while trying to use it .
ahhhhh yes, well I was one of those ghosties trying to use it one day. Learned my lesson after that. bleh.gif Im going to stay away from it until I know its working, and there is less of a panick for others to get it.
Just a quick update, all Relto pages and link stones that were only available in Live, will be restored to our offline games with Expansion Pack 1.
clapping.gif clapping.gif clapping.gif
clapping.gif Yay!
I was hoping for a nice BBQ pit and maybe a two car garage! rolleyes.gif

But will be glad just to get my dock and islands back. thumbsup.gif

My tree was already twice my height. I guess that will have to start all over again....sigh. confused1.gif

Im gonna save all those bahro stones and relto pages this time...and use em on my own house this summer!! blink.gif
coughhopefullycough !
Corona, Kurt, Do y'all need some chloraseptic spray for your throughts? Or Halls? Is there a cold going around? if there is, I'll avoid you two... biggrin.gif

roll.gif roll.gif roll.gif lmao.gif roll.gif roll.gif roll.gif
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