"Whats the buzz... tell me what's a happennin ?????

If you know the tune, you get extra credit! innocent.gif roll.gif

I just wanted to start a place, here, to allow people to keep track of what has, and is going on with my friends from CYAN.
I think to a large degree, .... we're all in a bit of a "state of shock" over the news of the restructuring of CYAN.
One thing I do know... is that we have many people around here that have made relationships with those that have created our favorite game.
I will keep my ear to the ground,... and add info if I can biggrin.gif
What I would like to see on this thread is "primarily" info related to Cyanists and their input on the present and future of their own careers.
I want links to blogs... I want links to "official" announcements... (and unofficial when pertinent).
...and if you hear that one of them has gone to work on a cool game for "X"... Let's see that here too... thumbsup.gif Let us not forget that Rand and Tony are still holding down the fort!

We are all sad... but the future of adventure gaming will not die here!... Even if I have to start building a game myself!!! (That would be SCARRY)... 'cause it would be with a hammer and nails and wood and electrical wires everywhere shock.gif

So,.... What's the buzz?