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Full Version: That Last Jump Is A Doo-zee!
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I can't seem to jump across the water on the ledge, leading to the terminal dark cavern, without losing my fireflies - what am I doing wrong? confused1.gif
Ken Telinome
Fireflies don't like jumps, they seem to have ADD and go off to find other things to do if you move around and jump too much. You have jumped too much and have to find a way to lessen the numer of jumps you take to reach the last journey cloth.
Angustaff, take a look in here and here. They'll help you to get the journey cloth.
Those kickable cylindrical baskets are lying around for a reason.

Click here to view a spoiler.
clapping.gif Thanks all - it turned out I was going in the right direction, but everytime I heard the water as I crossed on the baskets, I thought I was falling into the water - so, I would jump!
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