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Full Version: Getting The Power On (uu)
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I am braving Teledahn, though my computer often locks up there while I am in UU. headbang.gif I need the linking stones to complete Gahreesan. But the power doesn't come on like it did w/o UU. I've heard that there is a spot where it works, and you must listen for the miracle to happen. But it hasn't done anything so far. What am I doing wrong?
It is very hard to find. I would hunt until I heard the sound. It was just for a second or so. I would relto as fast as I could and then come back. If I was lucky, the power would be up, if not I would repeat. It did take several tries. It was very frustrating because there was no logic to where the sound would appear. If I tried to set the machine on the sound, it would never sync up at the right speed and power would be lost. Good luck.
Is it in the crosshairs? Or, like so many things, does it vary from player to player?
QUOTE (Angustaff @ Sep 15 2005, 11:01 PM)
Is it in the crosshairs?  Or, like so many things, does it vary from player to player?

In UU it most likely will not even be on the screen. So far, I've always found the spot to be at the matching crosshair elevation, but greatly offset ahead or behind so far as to be off the screen.
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Hi Angustaff,

Teledahn is very buggy in UU. Robyn described the right way how to find the spot. When in UU you might also ask somebody else to try it, they might be luckier. If everything fails please sent me a PM and I will switch in on for you using the vaultmanager.

Another thing . . .
once you have the power "on" for a good while . . .
make sure you leave as many of the accesses to all locations in the Age "open" as you can.

That way, if it does drift again . . .
you won't be forced to re-set it as often . . .

only for something you NEED the power running to complete.
I've been successful at falsely 'powering up' the sun scope, but that doesn't mean there is any power going to the upper level of the mushroom. It doesn't recognize the false sun power.
Rex Havoc
Angustaff, If you see me hear on line some evening or in UU, send me a note and I'll come and help you with the power. I'll also be happy to come do it for you, just send me an invite, via your Ki, and I can take care of it at any time. One thing to keep in mind, should you get it to come on, link back to your Relto right away. This keeps the power from going off anytime in the future.

Rex "Kilowatt" Havoc (Ki # 321333)
Rex, this brings up an interesting question - where do I find info on using my KI in UU? I would indeed need to have you turn on the power, as that Age keeps booting me. The last time, I didn't even get outside - I got booted while walking the walkway in the mountain (?) I think any audio at all will be too much audio for me in Teledahn! shock.gif
Well, there is a FAQ section on the GoG Website for the KI Functions

The User KI 1.1a (a.k.a. the "new" or "Christmas" KI mentioned in the FAQs) download can be found here

edit: Once you have your updated KI in UU, you can type "/user" (without the quotes) to get the new commands list, or "/basic" to get the original commands list
Rex Havoc
Angustaff, I'll try to pop into the Cavern for a bit, tonight at around 7. We are in the same Timezone!! I'll look for you and can maybe answer some of your questions as well as get your power turned on!! clapping.gif
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