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Full Version: Desert Cleft Bucket
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But I just wind up falling sideways onto a small cliff then if I move, I slide on down into the water. The bucket "journey cloth" is the last one I need to touch and I can't lower the bucket.
Is there anything in the totally black room/chamber next to the bucket lift?
Is the bottom of the cleft as maddeningly dark for everyone else? Unless I stand a certain way in relation to different objects or walls, it's just waaaaayyyy to blasted DARK!!
Why didn't the makers include a flashlight? (or 'did' they?)

Otherwise.....a little help please?

Thanks in advance.
Ken Telinome
Firstly, Welcome to the Guild of Greeters! rock.gif New faces are always welcome!

To step on the lever, you don't walk over it, you have to click on it. That activates the game's animation. It sounds like you've already turned power on or you wouldn't have seen Yeesha's message or gotten two of the other cloths, so that isn't the problem.

Nothing down there should be very dark. Have you tried upping your monitor brightness and the game's own gamma correction? If your monitor sits in front of a window you might not be able to see very well either as the light coming in from the window is so much brighter that the monitor.

It won't hurt to see if you have the latest drivers for your graphics card either.
Rex Havoc
As Ken said said, you just click on the pedal and your avie should do the rest. As for the brightness, you can move your mouse down to the bottom right of your screen and click on the "?". This will bring up a set-up window. You can adjust your monitor setting there for the game. I think it is gamma but I'm not positive (and I'm at work at the momment and can't check!!)

Welcome!! clapping.gif
Thanks muchly Rex and Ken! I didn't expect a fast response(s) like that.
I'll try the adjustments.

*crosses fingers.....fimds itz harker tu tipe lik thiz*
Ken Telinome
Fast responses are what we do best biggrin.gif. Someone is always checking forums, it's like an addiction. Any more help and we'll be here for you!
QUOTE (Ken Telinome @ Sep 22 2005, 06:54 PM)
Fast responses are what we do best biggrin.gif.  Someone is always checking forums, it's like an addiction.  Any more help and we'll be here for you!

Ok, the contrast is delt with, got into the tree, but....
I go down the ladder, and God forbid I take 2 steps away from the ladder!!!!
The screen goes black, there is a click and its like I was never playing the game, no shrunk down link in the bottom tool bar, no icon, nothing!
Oh, the game is still there, I just have to go through all the pomp and circumstance -again-, get back into the cleft, climb back down into the tree and the whole thing starts all over again.
At least, if I'm in first-person view (Hooray for the F1 button!) I can get far enough in the cave to see the fantastic electric blue, floor to celing, circular picture/painting....then it shuts down.


Any thoughts?
My impression from the post above, that you are having serious issues with your computer hardware.

1. Your video card is old and don't have enough juice to run this game properly.

2. You don't have enough computer/video memory.

Please let us know your computer configuration that we can troubleshoot your problem and try to find a solution.

Good luck
Hmmm probably a silly question but is this Offline or On-line in Until Uru.
A number of suggestions below depending on Offline or On-line.
If Offline it does sound like Ayli has suggested with hardware OR you have drivers that are too new (latest drivers)
Uru can't handle if that is the case roll back your drivers and see if that helps.
If On-line there is sometimes a game corruption of sorts with your avatar and the Cleft
the way to fix that is delete the On-line Avatar or create a new one ( as you can have up to 5 on the same account) and it should fix the problem.
Hope this helps and you can narrow down the problem.
What happened to Stripe? unsure.gif
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