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Full Version: Something New
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Today, i was able to see some new stuff in the Gahreensen's trainning center building.
The button doesn't work for me... (Is possible that i need help from another player in the other room)

ummmmm, any thoughts?
I would if I could but it has been four days now since I was last able to join Uru Live. down.gif
The new change is also in the Prime version of the game.

I found a hotspot, but it doesn't do anything.

I have a thougth, if someone is interested, i'm searching explorers to come to my Gahreensen or their Gahreensen, and try if that wall is or is not working.

If anyone, has been able to do something with the new puzzle, please post a hint or a nudge.

It seems to be disabled if you are alone in the age.
Click here to view a spoiler.
Where exactly is that puzzle? In the second building, in one of the chambers with suits and a machine with a green button. Or at the top of the second building, in the room with the not functioning(in Prime) KI dispenser
I tried the "hotspot" a bit more...
Click here to view a spoiler.

I don't think the DRC fixed it all up yet, but when I'm in the Greeter hood later, maybe we can try it out with two explorers, one in each control room.
The notebook in one of the conference rooms pretty much explains what the game will be.
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I think, that the DRC (or someone else) has plans to use the wall. They possibly, will invite some people to the event. I'm not sure, if they will let the controls enabled for everybody, because this wall can be very dangerous and unsafe.
This is an hypothetical thought, i don't know nothing about the real plans that have the DRC, but i can imagine it...
I think that
Click here to view a spoiler.
Click here to view a spoiler.

No idea why we are using spoiler warnings, its not as if we already knew how it works other than the general overview in the journal.
There is a machine in the room with the maintainer suit. When someone links into the age, the machine moves. It looks like it was used to suit the maintainers up, and then send them into the Wall room.
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