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Full Version: Dumb Things Cats Has Done
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Hmmm another dumb thing I did today and I haven't been dumb in a few months since the flour in the coffee that was supposed to be milk incident biggrin.gif
But I have learned NOT to put a cup of coffee for heating in the microwave without any water in the cup.
It makes the microwave go down.gif
Rex Havoc
Someone REALLY needs to get some sleep!! You could always just eat the coffee right out of the jar and skip the water/heating step all together!! whistling.gif
Ken Telinome
Oh my goodness! The GoG is experiencing so many explosions recently. First a CD, now a microwave. What ever will we do? biggrin.gif
shock.gif yucky.gif lmao.gif
William H. Maier
Better stick to licking milk out of your bowl, it seems you are not ready for a cup yet. shock.gif bash.gif lmao.gif
QUOTE (William H. Maier @ Oct 3 2005, 11:24 PM)
Better stick to licking milk out of your bowl, it seems you are not ready for a cup yet. shock.gif  bash.gif  lmao.gif

Last time I did that it was powdered flour not powdered milk I put in my coffee. blush.gif
As some of you will remember in that post of mine many months ago. smile.gif lmao.gif
*raises hand* Yup, yup! I remember! Poor cat2.gif hug.gif
Rex Havoc
Just in case you missed it!! whistling.gif lmao.gif

Pick On Cats Day
William H. Maier
Hmmmmmm, but you were still trying to use a cup shock.gif , bowl, bowl, cat's drink out of bowls not cups bash.gif lmao.gif
shock.gif REX you sneaky little devil just you wait till your all alone in the city. shock.gif

roll.gif hug_squeeze.gif
Just a silly notion, but if you're having problems with sleep, why, in the name of all the sweet carrots out there, are you still drinking kawfee?

It helps me to relax... whistling.gif

Poor Cats... console.gif

Edit: Boy, I just read the thread from last year.
Silly thing I have done?
Try locking yourself outside of your house, with your keys safely nestled in your bedroom, and having to break into your own house via the window air conditioner (Boy, she was a heavy one, too).
Naw, nuttin silly. wacko.gif
Rex Havoc
At least you had a window air conditioner to take out. Try going down the chiminey some time! Or then, there was the time I has to snake back in through the sewer line... roll.gif
Aw cats hug.gif sometimes I think it is better to stay in bed.
Remember that Ice coffee is refreshing and has just as much caffeine. I drink a lot of ice coffee but that's because I'm easily sidetracked and by the time I remember to drink my coffee, it's ice cold. (I hate the taste of it re heated)
lmao.gif Poor Cats, no luck for the weary Eh? lmao.gif Think of it this way, the exploding microwave woke you up just as much as any cup of coffee would. laugh.gif

Though at least it wasn't something important that died in a ball of fire, like say...your computer, unlike me who has to deal with software explosions every time I use anything. biggrin.gif
I remember an incident of yours with a frozen lasagne too, roo..... whistling.gif
Rex Havoc
Ooooo, details, details!!!
William H. Maier
I remember an incident of yours with a frozen lasagne too, roo..... whistling.gif

There wouldn't have been a microwave involved also shock.gif blink.gif bash.gif
Hehehehe - yes, actually....there was....... whistling.gif
William H. Maier
I tend to think that Cats is microwave challanged, MC for short. shock.gif verymad.gif ranting.gif bash.gif
If you write the book, I'll buy it. wink3.gif
MC Cats.....has zing to it. smile.gif

A book of Cats' woes would be fun. I'd have to next to Nanny Oggs' cook book. roll.gif
laugh.gif Quite a few of Cat's disasters involve food!! biggrin.gif
Would that be, things that go meow in the night? wink3.gif
Oh I get it while the cats away for a few days I get picked on huh?
roll.gif roll.gif
Starts writing all the The 1001 1001+ unexpected Dumb Things .....
down umm
Page 1 It all started out with me learning the true meaning of mud cakes as a kid when ................
500 Then I tripped over my cat Wicket and broke..................
10000 Then there was the time with the circular saw and a frozen roast ............
OK maybe too many need pages for this edition
Hmmmm this might turn into a Trilogy book. shock.gif

Edit goes to 4th book cause he cant pell operly blush.gif
*ties a first aid kit around Cats tail for future use...*
jipski the great
Do you know what happens when you put a watermelon on a barbecue?? innocent.gif
lmao.gif Hmmm, judging by the "captive water content" and, thus, the "steam formation potential", I am guessing you get a juicy, sticky, but delicious watermelon bomb...
Rex Havoc
... with seed shrapnel! shock.gif
shock.gif NOOOOO headbang.gif
Guess what I did 20 min ago when I wanted a coffee. blush.gif oops not telling.

1. You forgot to put coffee in the coffee machine and just boiled water shock.gif (happened to me a few times shock.gif )

2. Turned on coffee machine without water in it shock.gif (see above statement)

3. Put tea instead of coffee in the filter (see statement #1. )

4. Put cat food in the filter shock.gif (never happened to me shock.gif )

laugh.gif smile.gif
Don't own a coffee machine/peculator and it's not the bottom one sick.gif
So that narows it down. blush.gif
boiled some water in the microwave? console.gif
QUOTE (Shadowcats @ Oct 17 2005, 11:35 AM)
Don't own a coffee machine/peculator and it's not the bottom one  sick.gif
So that narrows it down. blush.gif

No coffee machine? shock.gif What kind of coffee connoisseur are you, Cats? shock.gif Are you drinking instant coffee? yucky.gif
nah, he drinks what we Texans call "cowboy coffee"...

no filters... just put the coffee in the bottom of the water pot and boil till coffee is desired strength. Pour the coffee off the top and don't mind the crunchy bits... they keep ya, erm, "regular"! lmao.gif

edit: "cowboy" has no "q" in it, yes? shy.gif
Flour instead of milk powder again, roo?? Or did you put salt in the cup instead of sugar??

William H. Maier
If you filter the boiled coffee through a tee shirt (clean or used it is the drinkers preference shock.gif ) you eliminate the crunchies lmao.gif
Now owns a NEW Kettle so yup I forgot to put water in the jug and boiled air instead the result was ummmm
It didn't work anymore.
I need a new life and brain where can I download them from?
Hmmm wonder what today will bring stay tuned......................
...the result was burned metal shock.gif

Oh, Cats, new brains are available at the "Brains Я Us". Just come in and try any for size shock.gif

hug.gif console.gif
let's see put coffee in filter,check, put water in tank ,check empty old coffe out of pot, oops coffe all over counter, down.gif been there cats blush.gif
Hmmm it's not my week or year.
Today went shopping and ended up getting a flat tyre
So I undid the flat put it in the boot and must have got a bit sidetracked while I was doing that
and anyway got the Spare tyre out and put it on did up the nuts
and let down the jack to find the Spare tyre was flat down.gif
So decide to take the tyre that was in the boot (the one I had just taken off)
to the garage to get it fixed only to realize it was ok and full of air. unsure.gif
DOH headbang.gif Guess what I had put the same tyre on that I had just taken off.
Take about being stupid. down.gif
William H. Maier
Cats, what was the air quality index when you went shopping red yellow or green. High quanities of ozone in the air causes ones mind to drift shock.gif sleep2.gif
Oh it cost me $25AU to get the tyre repaired .....
Cost of new brain? Still trying to decide on the year and make and if it comes with extra memory backup. lmao.gif
Don't feel too bad. I nearly burnt up the kitchen yesterday when trying to microwave frozen redbean buns. I got them from the Chinese food market and the directions said microwave for 2 minutes... I suppose that wasn't translated correctly. When I opened the microwave door, yellow smoke billowed out! shock.gif I'm still trying to get the smell to go away.

All this because I didn't want to bother with steaming them like I'm SUPPOSED to do. wacko.gif
Don't feel to bad, Cats. I have done some similar feats of the lost mind before. One time, while making breakfast, I pour coffee into my cereal instead of my coffee cup, which was still in the cabinet. It took me a few seconds to realize what went wrong. lmao.gif
And for further evidence, yesterday, while moving a Resin Dryer (Very heavy, and two of the wheels are flat verymad.gif) I found a bit of resistance. Looking on the other side of the Dryer (they're a mite big), I realized that I had forgotten to remove the resin hoses from the press (Another VERY big machine). I'm glad I stopped and checked instead of tugging away. shy.gif
And then there was the time...... but enough about me. Enjoy the coffee, Cats! And I love the Scotty joke. roll.gif

P.S. I heard that the oils in coffee beans increase the risk of heart disease, meaning that brewed coffee with filter wasn't bad for you (filter removes the cruchy bits as well as the oils[most of them at any rate]), but the boiled coffee was (Though I must admit that there is a long history of coffee drinkers behind the argument of the contrary).
Amazing I got through today without anything going wrong. clapping.gif

Edit ....Opps scratch that Typo's
Rex Havoc
Hmmm, come to think about it, I have poured juice into my cereal, instead of my juice glass on more than one occation!! (Shhhhh, I was just released...)
Windy RedOak
What I think is that there are microwave goblins, putting tricks on Cats. When he only has 20 hours of sleep.

So Cats, you should get your full 25 hours of sleep before even trying to face to day with a hot cup of granny's old sytle muffins in a cup.

As for the goblins, well i guess you can get yourself a can of gob-a-way.
Hmmm today I had to top up my Printer with ink and I think I got more on me than in the cartridge. blush.gif
So my hands are reddish like the Bank dye packs containing dye to stain money and clothing shock.gif
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