They're fixed, yay! :cool: The names are in order and the D'ni is corrected! Here is the list in their order as you walk into the room from the palace alcove and turn to the left. The first is the transliteration and the names in { } are the D'ni font mapping using Cyan's font. If you want to see how it looks in D'ni, simply copy/paste the name in the brackets into a word processing program and change it to D'ni font. (You need to have it installed on your computer. This mapping works with either Cyan or Jehon's font)

Ri'neref - {ri'neref}
Ailesh - {AleS}
Shomat - {Somat}
Ja'kreen - {ja'KrEn}
Veesha - {vESa}
Mararon - {mararon}
Koreen - {KorEn}
Ahlsendar - {alsenDar}
Solath - {solaT}
Me'erta - {me'erta}
Gan - {gan}
Benashiren - {benaSiren}
Hemelin - {hemelin}
Naygen - {nAgen}
Hinash - {hinaS}
Needrah - {nEDra}
Rakeri - {raKerE}
Tejara - {tejara}
Ti'amel - {ti'amel}
Kedri - {KeDrE}
Lemashal - {lemaSal} (lit pillar)
Ishek - {iSeK}
Loshemanesh - {loSemaneS}
Ji - {jE}
Dimath - {DimaT}
Yableshan - {yableSan}
Emen - {emen}
Me'emen - {me'emen}
Adesh - {aDeS}
Lanaren - {lanaren}
Asemlef - {asemlef}
Jaron - {jaron}
Rikooth - {riKUT}
Kerath - {KeraT}

Also, the place holder nonsense D'ni is gone on the ceiling border in the Kadish Gallery! :cool: It now says retimelokh Kadish - {retimelok KADiS} which undoubtedly means "The Gallery of Kadish" smile.gif

I haven't been to the last puzzle to check out the letter but I'm looking forward to it. wink3.gif