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Full Version: Glossary Of Uru
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Uru Glossary


There are several names, terms and expressions used in Uru (many of them originates from the slang of the early explorers), which are unknown to the new adventurers. To help them here is a collection of these terms with brief explanations. We are aware of it that some spoiling is inevitable, however, we tried to keep this to a minimum. Items in brown or orange are available only in the expansion packs. Items in green color are referred to as --> OOC. Special remarks for the new 'Live' Untìl Uru version are marked with uu
  • Ae'gura --- The biggest island in the huge lake of D’ni, part of the city. For the time being explorers are allowed to move only in this district. In Uru Prime you can cast only a few glances at it from balconies or rooftops.
  • Ahnonay Age --- Four in one or one in four? An Age with an interesting island around a clocklike device... and much more.
  • Ahyoheek table --- A game of chance resembling to rock, paper, scissors. Heek tables were found in every well equipped Neighborhood. No working heek tables are known currently. Pronounced "ah-yo-heek" or "eye-o-heek" (often misspelled as ayoheek). Rules
  • Antechamber room --- Great Zero starts in this small room.
  • Bahro Cave --- By collecting all of the Journey cloths of an age in Uru Prime you can open and enter the Journey doors and link to the Bahro Cave, the hiding place of the Bahro pillars. The exact physical place within D'ni is still a contraversial issue. It can mysteriously change its appearance. It has an important role in POTS, too.
  • Bahro Pillars --- These pillars resembling totems are found in the Bahro cave and play a central role in your Uru quest.
  • Bahro Stones --- 1) Linking cloths mounted on a stone. These usually give access only to a separate part of an Age (a room or a balcony etc).
    2) A big chunk of stone in a balcony of the Neighbourhood Age. Several glyphs can be seen on it, they are clues on how to complete your exploration in Uru Prime.
  • Ball Hall --> Part of the --> Sanctuary.
  • Bar --- The one-time tavern in the harbor of Ae’gura, by the side of the main stairs. Unfortunately it is not as well equipped as Quark’s bar (non-Star Trek fans see here).
  • Baron's city office (BCO) --- Although this room can be found in the city, it is available only by linking from Teledahn. Here, you can find some interesting papers and Sharper's journals to read.
  • Bevin --> Neighborhood
  • Buggaro --- A flying member of the fauna of Teledahn.
  • Canyon --- 1) The deep fiord in the city, right downstairs from the courtyard, on the way to the Concert Hall; 2) The accesible part of Er'cana.
  • Cathedral --- An arched part of the Great Zero.
  • Cathedral Age --- A separate small Age, an important alternative access point to the Ahnonay Age. Called also the Temple or Chapel.
  • Cavern --- 'Cavern' includes everything in the vast cave of D'ni: the city, Ae'gura, the Neighborhoods Bevin and Kirel, the Great Zero etc.
  • Chapel --> Cathedral Age
  • City --- While this would mean the main city, the D’ni capital, in fact in Uru it is --> Ae’gura, the biggest island in the lake.
  • City Proper --- The coastal part of the city. For the time being, it is unavailable for the explorers.
  • Classroom --- Located in the Neighborhood.
  • Cleft --- The starting place to explore the D’ni universe. A crack in the desert at the foot of a dormant volcano, the one-time dwelling of Ti’ana, Gehn, Atrus and Yeesha.
  • Community center --- Located in the Neighborhood.
  • Conference rooms --- They can be found in Garrison Training Center.
  • Control rooms --- They can be found in Gahreesen Training Center. See also --> Maintenance room.
  • Courtyard --- Used in connection with several places: 1) At the upper end of the great stairs in the city; referred to as Dakotah square as well; 2) In front of the Library in the city; 3) The central part of the Great Zero.
  • Dakotah Building --- It is found at the upper end of the great stairs in the city, on the Dakotah Alley, with a makeshift office (and a lot of reading) atop, which is available through the appropriate linking book only. An alternative spelling is Tokotah.
  • D'ni --- The vast underground cave and maze of tunnels in the Age of Earth. It was created about 10 000 years ago and the D'ni people moved to there from their home Gaternay. More...
  • D'ni Riltagamin --- The desert and the cleft are called by this name, in fact, it means probably the unknown parts of the Earth Age.
  • D'ni Rudenna --- A separate cave of D'ni. The passage between the main cavern and Rudenna was opened about 3000 years ago. The Bahro cave is probably situated in this part of D'ni, but its exact place is unknown.
  • D'ni Zeero (D'ni Rezeero) --- Found at the highest point of Ae’gura --> Great Zero
  • Dock area --- The west part of the ferry terminal. Do not confuse it with one of the --> Relto pages.
  • DRC --- Acronym for D’ni Restoration Council. Its main purpose was to oversee the exploration and restoration of D'ni. In February, 2004, all restoration efforts were cancelled and the cavern was evacuated and closed.
  • Eddie the Beachball --- 'He' can be found in the Neighborhoods. The name originates from the dark early ages of Uru and the first explorers. It is rumored that Eddie can sometimes influence the events in Uru. Earlier his relatives Jackie and Lillie the pumpkins were seen, too.
  • Eder Gira Age --- The sister age of Eder Kemo, the age of fumaroles, vulcanic steam vents, lava flows, water falls and caves.
  • Eder Kemo Age --- A.k.a. Garden Age, the beautiful sister age of Eder Gira.
  • Eder tomahn --- Old D'ni way stations in the endless maze of tunnels of D'ni.
  • Egg room --- Located in the Neighborhood. Its purpose is still debated in spite of the several expeditions made by the early explorers. The Egg room is not always open.
  • Er'cana Age --- The Age with a big factory in a canyon.
  • Factory --- A huge processing plant in Er'cana including a mill, grinder, mixer, burner etc.
  • Ferry terminal --- The starting point in the city, Ae’gura.
  • Fire marble --- The small luminous marbles used in the lamps and lanterns in D'ni.
  • Fissure --- A gap in the spacetime structure of the Ages, maybe a glitch between the dimensions... It has a central role in the connections between the Ages of Myst, Riven and Earth.
  • Flappers --- A member of Teledahn fauna.
  • Garden Age --> Eder Kemo Age
  • Garden of Lights --- A nice place in the Neighborhood. You may meet Eddie here.
  • Gahreesen Age --- The age of the Guild of Maintainers with two fortress-like rotating edifices.
  • Garrison Age --> Gahreesen Age
  • Garry --- The Gahreesen gator whom you can hear roar occasionally from the exterior Gahreesen areas.
  • Gear room --> Power room
  • GG (or GoG) --> Guild of Greeters
  • Gira --> Eder Gira
  • Glow room --- The place of the third puzzle in Kadish, in a pyramid-shaped building.
  • Great Shaft --- A huge oval well that rises straight up toward the surface with stairs spiraling up along its sides. Part of the unfinished way to the surface, build by the D'ni a few hundreds years ago.
  • Great Tree --- The huge tree can be accessed somewhere from the city. It has also a symbolic meaning in the D'ni philosophy: it represents the "Great Tree of Possibilities", the endlessly interweaving maze of all possible Ages in the universe.
  • Great Tree Pub --> Sanctuary
  • Great Zero --- The center of the D'ni position system in a separate, ancient part of Ae'gura. (In uu the calibration procedure is different.)
  • The Grower --- A prophesized person of the D'ni history.
  • Guild of Greeters --- A group that has dedicated itself to helping new explorers get oriented as they begin their explorations. The Guild of Greeters is a team of the friendliest and most knowledgeable explorers around. Recently they are available via their forum or live chat.
  • Harvester --- Belongs to the --> Factory in Er'cana
  • Heek table --> Ahyoheek table
  • Henderson, Phil --- Originally Phil Henderson was a Restoration Engineer working with the DRC, but later after a mysterious long journey he was abducted by the DRC, and he had contact mainly with Sharper only. He died in a cave-in accident in the city in December, 2003. His body has never been found. More...
  • IC --- Acronym for in cavern or in character. The state of mind you are in during the game, when Uru is real, and you are identified with your avatar. Some forums require you to stay in character when posting messages. cf. --> OOC
  • Jackie the pumpkin --> Eddie the beachball
  • Journey cloth --- A piece of tapestry-like cloth with a stylized hand on it. All of them are to be collected in each Age. They are used as bookmarks in the Ages as well. Sometimes referred to as Journey hand. In POTS, in Er'cana and Ahnonay they have a shell on them and are used only as bookmarks.
  • Journey door --- These massive doorways, one in every Age and bearing the same marking as the journey cloths, lead to the Bahro cave. To open them, you have to collect all of the journey cloths in that particular age. Sometimes referred to as Yeesha doors.
  • J'Taeri --- A district of the city.
  • Kadish Gallery --- A separate hall in the city, available only via a linking book. The magnificent stained glass on the walls may contain clues to the puzzles of the Kadish Age.
  • Kadish's quarter --- The hidden place of good old Master Kadish in Ahnonay.
  • Kadish Tolesa Age --- The Kadish Age was once created by Master Kadish to hide a cache (vault) in its secret caves. To access the cache several puzzles have to be solved.
  • Kahlo Bar --> Bar
  • Keanulint --- A member of the fauna of Eder Kemo, it lives high on the edge of the rocks.
  • Kemo --> Eder Kemo Age
  • Kerath's Arch --- The enormous arch over the entrance of the harbour of Ae'gura, named after Kerath, the last and greatest king of D'ni.
  • KI --- The wristwatch-sized D’ni communicator. Its advanced version is a must for every explorers in Uru. Guide - uu: Guide and multilingual commands.
  • Kings' Hall --- The round big hall (rotunda) in the palace, right upstairs from Dakotah Square. Its walls are adorned all around with the names of the D'ni kings.
  • Kirel --- One of the Neighborhoods.
  • K'veer --- An island of the great D'ni lake with a mansion on it, it belonged once to an upper-class D'ni family. In one of its halls Atrus was imprisoned twice: first as a young boy and many years later again, when lived in Myst island.
  • Lecture room --> Community center
  • Lillie the pumpkin --> Eddie the beachball
  • Linking Stone --> Bahro Stone
  • Maintainers’ mark --- A small yellow mark in the rocky ground found in several Ages, the purpose of which is somehow connected with the D’ni position finding.
  • Maintainers’ Nexus --- Part of the --> Wall, currently unavailable.
  • Maintainers’ suit --- The special armour-like suit was worn in dangerous situations or in the test area. Available from Gahreesen.
  • Maintenance exit --> Maintenance room
  • Maintenance room --- An important place in Ahnonay, aceessible only with difficulty. Sometimes referred to as mech(anical) room or simply as 'control area' or 'control room', although there are several other 'control rooms' in Uru.
  • Marker --- The white disk shaped pulsating markers are used 1) in the KI calibration procedure; 2) in the one-time marker games as it is written in a notebook in the Training center.
  • Mech room --> Maintenance room
  • Moon room --- The place of the second puzzle in Kadish.
  • MREDU --- Acronym for Myst Riven Exile D'ni Uru, an often used term in the forums when speaking generally about these games or universum.
  • Museum --- A recently opened building at the Dakotah courtyard, Ae'gura.
  • Myst Age --- Yes, the well known Myst island of Atrus and Catherine is available again via the path of the shell!
  • Neighborhood --- An outlying section of D'ni. The Neighborhoods are situated in the cavern walls of D'ni. Only a balcony is available in Uru Prime. They were excellent places for social activities of a larger group of people. Neighborhoods vary in their equipment and décor. There are two basic types, Bevin (common) and Serat (rare), distinguishable mainly by the shape of their lamps. Recently only Bevin and Kirel are accessible, except in uu. Here they are shared by several players, new ones can be founded and the players can change their membership.
  • Nexus Age --- Nexus is a kind of personal central terminal or station. It contains all of the available links within the cavern. The Nexus linking mechanism cannot be used without the KI. Not available in Uru Prime.
  • Nexus terminals --- Several are found in the city around, these are used for registering the KI in order to obtain additional direct links to the city.
  • Non-player characters --- This can apply to people in history or in the story of Uru, like Atrus or Yeesha, as well as to people who are part of the Uru story, like members of the DRC, or Douglas Sharper and Phil Henderson.
  • Observation room --> 1) Antechamber room of the Great Zero; 2) sometimes the Control room in Gahreesen
  • OOC --- Acronym for out of cavern or out of character. The state of mind you are in whilst out of the game, when Uru is a game, and you realise that Uru is on your computer. cf. --> IC
  • Panic linking --- In dangerous situations the avatar automatically touches his Relto book and links back to Relto.
  • Parascope --> Telescope
  • Pellets --- You have to made & use them in Er'cana.
  • Personal Age --> Relto Age
  • Pillar room --- The place of the fourth puzzle in Kadish.
  • POTS (TPOTS) --- Acronym for the Path of the Shell, the second expansion pack. It covers a separate adventure in Er'cana and Ahnonay.
  • Power room --- The place of the rotation mechanism of the 1st building in Gahreesen, as well as of the timed puzzle to enable the energy system of the Maintainers’ buildings.
  • Puffer --- A bulbous member of the flora of Eder Kemo.
  • Prison room --- Found in the prison level of the Training center in Garrison Age. Worth visiting.
  • Pyramid --> Glow room
  • Quab --- These small crablike creatures live in Ahnonay.
  • Radar --- A big clock-like device in Ahnonay. Not a radar and not a clock but something between.
  • Relto Age --- The private personal age of every explorer, the island in the sky.
  • Relto Linking Book --- The special linking book attached to the explorers' belt. By using it you return immediataly to your own Relto. When playing in uu, others can access only by invitation, by sharing your Relto book.
  • Relto pages --- Pieces of paper you find lying around (1-2 per ages). They add a page to your Relto linking book and add the feature pictured to your Relto, i.e a waterfall, etc. Sometimes referred to as Yeesha pages or treasure pages.
  • Rezeero --> D'ni Zeero
  • Rolep --> Sanctuary
  • Roof office --> Dakotah building
  • Sanctuary --- A hidden place in the city, available through the appropriate linking book only. The ancient meeting place of the Watcher and his followers. Referred to as Rolep or the Great Tree Pub as well.
  • Serat --> Neighborhood
  • Sharper, Douglas --- Douglas Sharper ("Mushroom Baron") was not a member of DRC, but has got full rights to explore Teledahn. When D'ni was emptied at the beginning of February, 2003, he did not follow the explorers and the DRC but remained alone in the cavern. He was in good relations with Phil Henderson. More...
  • Shroomie --- A charming member of the fauna of Teledahn. She lives in the sea and is difficult to lure and see.
  • Shrooms --- The halls and rooms found in the giant mushrooms.
  • Silo --- An important place near the endgame of POTS. Its exact place is unknown, probably somewhere in the city.
  • Slave room --- In underground Teledahn the place of the puzzle with the seven mats and the locked gates.
  • Spy room --- A hidden place in the city.
  • Stalagmite --- There are many around, but this particular one is found in the middle of the courtyard, top of the great stairs, Ae'gura. Sometimes referred to as "split stalagmite" or "tree stump" or "tree arch".
  • The Stranger --- An unknown person who found a linking book to Myst on the surface of Earth and freed Atrus from his captivity in K'veer. Later he freed the imprisoned Catherine in Riven.
  • Strip Mall --- The street along the canyon in Ae'gura.
  • Sutherland point --- The small plaza over the canyon, after the Kings' Hall, in Ae'gura. Sometimes referred to as Palace courtyard.
  • Teledahn Age --- The age of the giant mushrooms.
  • Telescope --- These gadgets can be found in several Ages. Sometimes only to look and see, sometimes they are connected to other devices and have some definite purpose.
  • Telescope puzzle --- The first puzzle in Kadish.
  • Temple --> Cathedral Age
  • Test area --> Wall
  • To D'ni --- The first expansion pack of Uru Prime. You can explore the island Ae'gura, the center of the vast underground D'ni city.
  • Tomahna Age --- Well, you'll reach this Age sometime, somewhere... do your best! However, it is still debated whether Tomahna is a separate Age or not.
  • Tokotah --> Dakotah
  • Tower --- Although several tower-like structures can be seen in Uru, this particularly important one is in Ahnonay.
  • Training center --- The second large fortress-like building in the Gahreesen Age.
  • Treasure Books --- Certain Ages may have multiple linking books. These books link to new parts of the Age, which are inaccessible from the "normal" link-in points, very similarly to the Bahro stones.
  • Treasure pages --> Relto pages
  • Until Uru --- Since 7th August, 2004 explorers are allowed to enter Uru again, although only in small groups! The available area is more than in Prime but less than in --> To D'ni. More about it at Cyan. Special remarks for this new 'Live' version are marked here with uu.
  • Uru --- A D'ni word meaning "large gathering" or "grand community". However, it is an ancient word here on the surface, too: uru - Sumerian and Neo-assyrian "city", Sanskrit "wide, large".
  • Uru Live --- The one-time online multiplayer version of Uru, existing as the "Beta" from the beginning of 2003 until November, 2003, and as "Live" (called also The Prologue) from November, 2003 until 10th February, 2004. Its reincarnation in somewhat different form --> Untìl Uru.
  • Uru Prime --- The basic game of the Uru universum. It covers the adventure in the Ages of Kadish, Teledahn, Gahreesen, Kemo and Gira.
  • XP --- Acronym for expansion pack (XP1: To D'ni, XP2: Path of the Shell).
  • Yeesha --- The daughter of Atrus and Catherine. She developed further the Art of Writing and was able to create the special Linking Book to Relto.
  • Yeesha Book --> Relto Book
  • Yeesha cloth --> Journey cloth
  • Yeesha doors --> Journey doors
  • Yeesha pages --> Relto pages
  • Yeesha's shell --- You may meet it in different forms in the expansion packs. They are always important!
  • Vaporscope --- Kind of combination of a gun and telescope in Teledahn.
  • Vault --- The place of the last puzzle in Kadish.
  • Wall --- Massive training and testing facilities in the central hall of the Gahreesen Training Center. You may glance at it from the Conference rooms. Currently it is faulty, only partly working.
  • Water Garden --> Garden of Lights
  • Warshrooms --- The rooms of a giant mushroom in Teledahn, with many crates around.
  • The Watcher --- A D'ni prophet thousands of years ago, the founder of the --> Sanctuary.
  • Well area --- The center part of the 1st building in Garrison Age.
  • Zandi --- The dude sitting in front of the caravan in the desert and greeting the new explorers. If necessary, he may provide some nudges.
  • Zandoni --- One of the easter eggs. Have a nice ride!
The above list is obviously not full, it will be enhanced as the game evolves. We hope that it will help you in your Uru quest!

Created by Norfren, with many thanks to Taliametris, Ayli and Myrlein for their help.

(ver. 08.08.2004.)
I have a more advanced version of the above Glossary here. I try and update the above list too, but unfortunately html coding is not available here in the forum and the BB codes allow very little freedom in formatting.
New updated list has been posted ... thanks Norfren thumbsup.gif
erm its Kahlo not Kehlo Wolfie ^_^

Norfen, the URU Glossary is wonderful, thanks SO much for creating and updating. I'm a newbie and have a couple of head-scratchers: what/where is "The Cavern"? When someone messages, "I'm on the surface" where are they? Thanks!
Thanks mclan for the comment - 'Cavern' includes everything in the vast cave of D'ni: city, Ae'gura, Neighborhood. I am on the surface = where you are when not in Uru = real life (RL). I will add these.
Actually you get the 'I am on the surface now' when someone is looking through a telescope , have a book open , or is generally doing something . In essence it really means 'I cant talk now' .
That is one of the stupidest things I've seen implemented in the game. "(avatar name) is on the surface" obviously implies they left the Age & linked out. For that to appear every time someone looks into a scope or opens their Relto book, etc., is laughable at best. That should never appear in this game unless Elvis has actually "left the building".
Thanks to Norfen and others for your explanations of Cavern and "on the surface". Seems like the "surface" can mean several things. Mr. Lag--I don't know enough about this game yet or the way it's played to understand your annoyance with that one post. Explain?
Whenever someone , for example, looks into the telescope in a Neighborhood, or accesses their Relto book (in the same Age you also happen to be in), an automatic chat script appears in the chat dialogue. It's usually colored in order to let you know that it's an in-game feature & not someone elses' post.
It says (for example), "Mr. Lag is on the surface & will be back momentarilly".
I find it annoying because that person has not gone "back to the surface" (to their Relto). They're still standing right next to you.

Kadish? I mean, kapish?
I'd never seen that text. That shows you how little I've been around. Yes, I see what you mean, to say they're on "the surface" doesn't make sense!
Nice job on this, you guys! thumbsup.gif

One question.

Keanulint --- A member of the fauna of Eder Kemo, it lives high on the edge of the rocks.

What is the source of this name? Enquiring minds and all that.

Keanulint? Matrix bellybutton lint?
QUOTE (Kehrin @ Jan 31 2004, 03:49 PM)
Nice job on this, you guys! thumbsup.gif

One question.

Keanulint --- A member of the fauna of Eder Kemo, it lives high on the edge of the rocks.

What is the source of this name? Enquiring minds and all that.


I may be wrong here ... but I think that name was actually a joke from back in the beta ... back when we were trying to find names for things in Gira / Kemo ... since there are few official names for items in these two Ages ... if this is the case it is funny that it has traveled this far and only now picked up on. shock.gif
Yes, as Wolfie wrote, keanulints were named in the old beta. Unfortunately, those original forum pages are unavailable now, but I could find a shortened description in the D'ni Pedia Writers Archive.
You forgot "Garry the Gahreesen Gator" whom you can hear roar occasionally from the exterior Gahreesen areas. shock.gif
Is there, or could there be, a color coding for the glossary to show which names are official and which are fan created?

shock.gif Oh.... I did not come across neither with his name nor personally so far... but if you say that he is already known with this name... and here we officially name this lurking guy to Garry... okay!
Kehrin, this is difficult. confused1.gif What is official? Sometimes it is obvious, such as Teledahn, shroomi, ahyoheek etc. Many of them appeared first time in the old beta or DRC forum: if it originates from a Cyan person it is official, if from somebody else, unofficial? Earlier I could go back and look for the first appearance of a name in the old beta forum (as for example most plant and animal names in Teledahn and Kemo), now this is unfortunately impossible.
How about "Poobah Hat" for the eclectic condition where a santa hat merges with a Pith helmet? (See to the left for a pictured example....) biggrin.gif
Norfren maybe it would be enough to put a little disclaimer at the bottom that says that some of the above terms have been created by the explorers.

You might also want to add "Hood" as the abbreviation for neighborhood....
For the GoG hood, as often noted when there were new arrivals during Groo's shift, GREETMART

...."special on aisle 6, get your island relto pages while they last!!" lmao.gif

Thank you, Groo bleh.gif
QUOTE (LaReh @ Feb 11 2004, 11:15 AM)
You forgot "Garry the Gahreesen Gator" whom you can hear roar occasionally from the exterior Gahreesen areas.  shock.gif

I remember the drawing that surfaced during the beta of Garry . biggrin.gif If I remember right it was Dill who first drew him .

Some of the terms may have been created by the explorers , but it was really before the game was even launched though . As such , some of the names have kind of taken an 'official' meaning to them .
Thanks a lot for all new data, ideas, forgotten namings. memories, etc! smile.gif Keep on posting them! I just today added a brief note to it to reflect the current changes in the situation of Uru, but did not change the main content. I added a link for downloading the current and last "Live" version in archived, zipped and localized form, maybe some of us would like to save it. Now when reading your posts above, it came into to my mind that perhaps a special enhanced "explorers" or "beta explorers" version could be made... even if it would mean more spoiling.
Here's a term that a few of us use. Its use isn't widespread, but as far as I know there is no other name being used for this location. You know the place where we first saw a picture of Marie Sutherland on Ae'gura? Some of us have been calling that area Sutherland Point just for purposes of identification.

Here is the DRC site page where you can see the picture. Click on the link that says Marie Sutherland on Ae'gura.

Marie Sutherland on Ae'gura

What do you think?

Thanks Kehrin, good to know. So this is the canyonside plaza after the Kings' Hall - Sutherland point.
i never got that far in the cavern too much lag
I'm sorry to hear that, samsbase. down.gif

I hope you'll be able to explore it all in the expansion packs. smile.gif
Okay and thanks ... I added Garry, Greetmart and Sutherland point as separate entries.
A new updated version of the Glossary has been posted. thumbsup.gif
A new updated version of the Glossary has been posted. thumbsup.gif
I have updated the Uru Glossary according to POTS and MOUL in its homepage. I am going to upgrade it here at the beginning of this thread, too, but before doing so check it, fellow Explorers and Greeters, please. The orange entries belong to POTS, but several older ones had to be updated as well (bahro cave, canyon, library, yeesha's shell, journey cloth etc.). POTS things are not settled at all so far, so several additions, changes should be applied in the near future.
A new updated version of the Glossary has been posted. thumbsup.gif
Oops, I have to work on my version. It was a while since I updated it. hug_squeeze.gif Norfren
A new updated version of the Glossary with Until Uru references now included has been posted. thumbsup.gif
Finally a new updated rendition of the Uru Glossary, based on Norfren's popular web-based Glossary is posted on our website in the How to Section of the Library or download it Uru Glossary thumbsup.gif

This version compass all versions of Uru: ABM, XPacks and Untìl Uru.

Please right-click to download, as this pdf file is over 6 MB. blink.gif

Forum version is on the first post of this thread. Norfren's original is here

Enjoy biggrin.gif
ayli, thanks so much for this! this is truly amazing.

now perhaps i can get some of my terminology correct... blush.gif

Salaam! bye2.gif
The original Uru Glossary has been split to two parts: the old one is for Uru ABM and TPOTS, the new Glossary is for MOUL.
Nicely done, Norfren clapping.gif

I've read that Wellstones also called Bahro wedges shock.gif Maybe get a cross reference smile.gif
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