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I was in the cavern tonight and there were quite a few of us in the city, I remembered that I had a link to Hogarths Rogues Gallery and thought that some of you would enjoy the pictures taken before live ended.. I'm sure Hogarth wouldn't mind sharing his ...Photos
Great link worship.gif
And I haven't aged a bit in 2 years from them snaps shock.gif
Nope, your even using the same avi!! roll.gif
I think I have changed T Shirts since then and underwear blush.gif but everything is roughly the same.
I also noticed Catja hasn't changed either from then and now
So catja if your reading this it's great to have you back on the shard and
get a hold of Groo if you can
I miss the old times of all the "Fountain Friends" maybe we need to resurrect it again
and be prepared with Cyan's plans IF they have any.
I was the one dressed all in white back then when Uru was closing. I changed to complete white rather than black in the hopes that in some form we would be able to use the uru engine to meet with each other again. Back then I changed my clothes daily. And though my body is different now, the mindframe remains the same.

I'm glad you dug these up. It's good to remember the good ol days we had. It was the first online game I ever played. I really loved it until the end. I can't believe that was almost 3 years ago. In those shots I was 16 years old. Guess I never really grew up LOL.
Rex Havoc
QUOTE (Tomala)
Guess I never really grew up LOL.

QUOTE (Tomala)
Back then I changed my clothes daily.
Um, and now you change your skin, daily!! shock.gif roll.gif
QUOTE (Rex Havoc @ Jan 5 2006, 07:36 AM)
QUOTE (Tomala)
Back then I changed my clothes daily.
Um, and now you change your skin, daily!! shock.gif roll.gif


Hmmm, back then I changed clothes frequently, but always got back to my trusty black pants and dark red collared shirt... eventually....
Thank you for sharing this Natika. Bittersweet memories for me, especially seeing my dearest Peps cry.gif I realized I still haven't come to terms with her departure. unsure.gif
Memories... down.gif

I always clothed like how I was clothed in real life smile.gif I still do that sometimes...
I just noticed most of the pics back then were before xmas and I never had the Santa hat GLUED on
and my "trade mark" unsure.gif was born to this day. lmao.gif
blush.gif Awwww,
Thanks for re-posting those pics thumbsup.gif

It brought back some very fond memories.

I made two of the final moments group shots, but what killed me the most was the one shot where I was #2 on the heek scores list!!!!!!!!!!LOL roll.gif
I always kinda liked that game, but every time I asked anyone to play...... I got this ........... Yeah,... maybe later response! confused1.gif ... So I figured that "cool" Greeters didn't play Heek! cool.gif .... Guess I just stayed in the closet as a Heek Geek biggrin.gif
This is the second time I've perused that thread...

I was not online that week, was meeting with relatives as it was around my birthday.

I don't think I have any pics of myself back then, or know of anyone who does. In fact, my last visit in Prologue ended up talking to Plinth about Safety First; I had yet to 'choose' any kind of side/hood/whatever, and was still seeking out members from all the groups to talk to.

I think that's why I made so much of an effort last year to participate. Finally to have photos with 'me' in them (though ironically most of them don't have the normal av on it wink3.gif ).

brings back many memories. I played heek just that one time. Haven't played it since. Thanks for the memories.
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